Historical Gallery of Works by Elizabeth Horman

This website will display as many legacy art works by Elizabeth Horman that we know of, or are informed of.  Her large body of work starts out with work done at the NYC Art Student’s League in charcoal or watercolor, and moves into oil on canvas 20 years later.  The date of execution of many of her works is unknown and we would welcome information from owners regarding their date of acquisition and size dimensions as well as any paintings that do not appear on this site.

Historical Galleries reflect Collections and Individual owners.

Chenevey Collection

Collier Collection White Poinsettas

Collier Collection

Diana Shayon Collection

Fouts Collection

Hamren Collection

Howell Collection

Kimerling Collection

Lazar Collection

Schwartz Collection

Shaw Collection

Srivastava Collection

Srivastava Collection

Sheila Shayon Collection

Wysocki Collection

Oils Owner Known

Watercolors - Owner Known

For Sale

1987 River Show

Oils - Owner Not Known

Watercolors - Owner Not Known

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